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Our health library will help you improve your health and make it easier for you to take care of yourself. We offer free articles on how to prevent chronic health conditions by implementing changes to your lifestyle as well as information on a variety of conditions, their symptoms and how to manage them. We also educate on topics ranging from sexual health to skincare, healthy eating, sleep, mental health and more.

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Learn to improve your health by implementing small changes to your lifestyle

Klarity oncology

Klarity Oncology brings world-class cancer care near you. Cancer care is complex and we want to make cancer services more accessible, affordable and easier to use.


Health starts within. Read our articles on nutrition.

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A highly accurate health score, your risk prediction of chronic health conditions and personalised blood tests

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Health Library

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Learn to make small changes to reduce your risk to chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life.

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Combined with its proprietary chronic disease prediction engine powered by explainable AI, and our health resource library, you are empowered to take a more proactive approach to improving your health.

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Health Library

About chronic health conditions

Learn to make small changes to reduce your risk to chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life.

Health Library

Other lifestyle articles

Learn to make small changes to reduce your risk to chronic health conditions and improve your quality of life.

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Download the Klarity app and answer a few questions to get your health risk assessment. The score is based on a proprietary health scoring methodology with a highly accurate prediction engine built on over 17 million biomarkers and 634 million data points


Will Cooper
Technology entrepreneur and founder of Delfin Health which operates Klarity, providing customisable risk prediction models.
Daniel Rovira
Passionate about health and technology. Involved in building & scaling various start-ups (B2C and B2B), both as founder and advisor.
Patri Hernandez
Klarity Health Library Co-Founder. Patri is a certified health coach with years of experience and founder of Oh Mighty Health.
Lynn Tunnicliffe
Klarity Health Library Head of Content. Lynn is strongly committed to improving access to accurate and reliable health information.
my.klarity.health presents all health information in line with our terms and conditions. It is essential to understand that the medical information available on our platform is not intended to substitute the relationship between a patient and their physician or doctor, as well as any medical guidance they offer. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions based on the information found on our website.
Klarity is a citizen-centric health data management platform that enables citizens to securely access, control and share their own health data. Klarity Health Library aims to provide clear and evidence-based health and wellness related informative articles. 
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