Amla: The Secret To Radiant Skin

  • Priyanshi SikkaM.Sc in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chitkara University

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We have all wished for skin that shines, has a natural glow and is radiant. For that purpose, we have tried countless products, at some point in our lives. From expensive creams to elaborate and customized skincare routines, the quest for perfect skin often feels like an endless journey. But, what if I told you that the secret to achieving glowing skin isn’t found in some complex treatments and lies in something as simple and natural in our own homes?

We often overlook the treasures nature has provided us in the world filled with synthetic ingredients and elaborate beauty rituals.

There’s a special ingredient: Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry. This little fruit has been greatly valued in conventional skincare and medicinal practices.1 The essential minerals, antioxidants and some other constituents do wonders for our skin.

Here, in this article we’ll explore the skincare benefits of Amla, how to use it in our routines and.

Amla and its properties 

Amla, a fruit, which is also known as Indian gooseberry is well recognized for having a high nutritional profile, which will definitely help in explaining why it works so well to promote glowing skin. Here are some constituents found in Amla.

  • Vitamin C- When compared to other citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, vitamin C is found to be highest in Amla. This ultimately promotes collagen synthesis, helps in maintaining elasticity and firmness. All these processes help in maintaining and promoting the skin texture2
  • Antioxidants- Antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins are found in Amla. These antioxidants compensate for the free radicals produced by our body, and hence can protect our skin from damaging further
  • Minerals- Skin integrity is maintained by Amla as many essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus are present in Amla. They support the skin by promoting hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation and blemishing the skin for more uniform appearance
  • Essential fatty acids- Another important constituent in Amla includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are essential for maintaining skin’s lipid barrier and helps to retain moisture and protect the skin3

Thus, Amla serves to be a nutritional powerhouse for an individual exhibiting numerous benefits which are not just limited to skin.

Integrating Amla into skincare regimen

So far, we have explored the benefits and constituents of amla. Let us now dive into some practical ways to integrate this powerhouse ingredient into our skincare routines. We will exclusively explore the skincare applications of Amla, excluding its dietary incorporation. Here are some applications: 

DIY face masks

It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to incorporate Amla into skincare routine and can be combined with various natural ingredients like honey or yoghurt.4 These combined ingredients help to brighten and exfoliate the skin, thereby providing numerous benefits of hydration and soothing skin.

Amla- enriched moisturizers

Incorporating these moisturizers in your skincare routine offers numerous benefits such as intense hydration, replenishment of moisture and radiant skin.

Amla-infused toners

Toners are often used to maintain pH and the integrity of skin. These toners can be used by mixing Amla juice with rose water, this helps in cleansing tight pores, rejuvenating the skin, leaving it feeling toned, balanced and radiant.

Amla oil massage

Massaging your face with Amla oil can do wonders for your skin’s health and overall appearance.5 The gentle massage before bedtime helps to distribute the oil evenly and also promote circulation thereby allowing nutrients in the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Amla supplements for skin health

Incorporating Amla in your diet offers a holistic approach to skincare, thereby harnessing the potent benefits of this superfruit to promote radiant skin from within. While we have covered Amla’s skincare routine, it’s important to note that incorporating Amla supplements offers even more benefits. Thanks to its concentrated and easily absorbed form, you can also consume Amla in the form of fresh juices, salads and smoothies.

Below are some considerations you need to take care of while administrating amla and their related supplements:

  • Opt for high-quality products
  • Consult with healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement regimen
  • Buy from reputed brands to ensure its quality, purity and safety6

The supplements are often available in the form of capsules or powder form, which are derived from Amla fruit. All these marketed products help in boosting the natural health of skin and nourish it from within.

Common examples include:

  • Himalaya organic amla capsules
  • Banyan botanicals amla powder
  • Organic India amla capsules
  • NutriGold organic amla gold
  • Nature’s way amla fruit capsules

Additional benefits of Amla

Apart from radiating the natural glow of skin, Amla offers a range of additional benefits. This includes:

  1. Supports hair health- Amla has a unique ability to nourish the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. The nutrients present in Amla also help prevent premature graying of hair
  2. Regulates blood sugar level- Blood sugar level is also scientifically proven to be maintained as it contains polyphenols and fiber content which reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications7
  3. Boosts immunity- As already discussed, Amla is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against infections
  4. Enhances brain function- Antioxidants present in amla helps to rescue oxidative stress and thus improves cognitive function, memory and concentration
  5. Detoxification of the body- Amla is often treated as a natural detoxifier, thereby helping in eliminating the toxins produced by the body and purifying blood8

Future research and trends

Scientists continue to explore the diverse effects of Amla, to determine the future trends and promises it holds. Various discoveries including novel formulations of amla-based skincare products are still ongoing. Amla is a natural ingredient, therefore innovative ways are looked upon to extract and stabilize the potent antioxidants and bioactive compounds contained in Amla.

These efforts aim to enhance Amla’s stability in different skincare products and formulations. Additionally, there is a renewed emphasis on eco-friendly sourcing and cultivation practices because of the growing demand for clean and sustainable beauty products. People are seeking for more sustainable and natural solutions to improve their looks, which has led to a growing demand for employing natural resources in beauty routines.

This trend towards natural ingredients is encouraging for the future studies related to Amla because of its many health benefits and adaptability in beauty and wellness applications.


Amla which is also known as Indian gooseberry is celebrated for its ability to enhance skin radiance naturally. It is rich in constituents like Vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential minerals. Additionally, it supports collagen synthesis, protects against free radicals, and thus maintains skin hydration.

Beyond skincare, Amla offers additional benefits like supporting hair health, regulating blood sugar levels, boosting immunity, and detoxifying the body. Ongoing research aims to further explore its potential in skincare formulations, highlighting its versatility in addressing broader health and wellness needs.


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Priyanshi Sikka

M.Sc in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chitkara University

Priyanshi Sikka, a Pharmacist equipped with a Master's degree in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research from Chitkara University, India. Proficient in ICSR processing, MedDRA coding, and narrative crafting, Priyanshi brings a depth of expertise to her practice. Beyond her professional role, she serves as a freelance science educator for senior secondary students, sharing her passion for learning. Priyanshi's dedication to advancing knowledge is evident through her published works in respected journals.

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