Benefits Of Garlic For Weight Loss

What is garlic

Wondering what garlic is? And how does that help in reducing weight? Yes, we all know how losing weight can pose a huge stress on us. There are simple ways like adding a few dietary components that can help you ace the journey in a better way. The easily available spice named garlic in your kitchen can help you in various ways. When garlic is taken in your food daily, it can help achieve your perfect fit body, which you might be longing for. On top of that, garlic also has various health benefits when consumed as a part of your diet regularly.

Garlic (Allium Sativa)  is a spice in our cuisine, It is claimed to be the remedy for various ailments. Potentially it is used as medicine for various cardiovascular issues, lowering blood pressure, regulating weight loss, and improving lipid profile, it has anti-neoplastic properties, antimicrobial properties, and various other health benefits. Garlic has 33 sulphur compounds, several enzymes, and 17 amino acids.1  The wide variety of these chemical components working synergically is giving health benefits. The garlic brands which we have on our shelves can be majorly classified into 4 types namely garlic essential oil, garlic powder, aged garlic extract, and garlic oil macerate.2  This article will help us understand what properties and what kind of components of garlic will help in aiding weight loss and also other health benefits of garlic.

Benefits of garlic for weight loss

The nutrients present in garlic will help you shed weight. The main compound present in garlic, allicin is not present in the entire garlic clove it is obtained by crushing the garlic clove. Various research suggests that allicin helps in reducing weight.3  Our body generally has two types of fats, namely brown fat and white fat. The white fat stores the calories and adds to our weight whereas brown fat burns the fat, so the allicin present in crushed raw garlic clove helps in activating the brown fat enabling the body to burn calories and helps in aiding weight loss. The allicin helps to increase energy levels and burns extra calories. Having a lazy morning?? Just chew some raw garlic cloves. It's a natural energy enhancer that keeps you fresh and prepares you for the day. Garlic has detoxifying properties which remove toxins from the body and helps in weight loss. Raw garlic clove when crushed and eaten keeps you full for a long time, thus we don't overeat which again in a way helps in our weight loss.

The garlic clove is rich in nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin B6, calcium, protein and magnesium; these nutrients naturally tend to burn fat. 

Why are you holding back? Grab a plate! Just top them with some freshly crushed garlic and enjoy your superfood which speeds up your fat-burning metabolism and helps you shed some kilos.

The research study conducted in the year 2012 revealed that the group of post-menopausal women who have taken aged garlic extract lost more weight than others.

Garlic oil has anti-obesity properties that can counteract the high-fat diet consumed, thus  influencing the adipose tissue and helping in reducing weight.5  A research suggested, that the methanolic extract of black garlic reduces weight,6 while another conducted on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients, where obesity played a huge role,   showed that garlic powder given for 15 weeks helped in reducing the body weight and body fat mass.7

The right way of deriving the benefits of garlic while eating is never to microwave it as it deactivates the allicin. Chop the garlic and leave for 10min,  then add to curry or salads.

The best way to eat garlic for reducing weight is by-

  • Eating it right in the morning on an empty stomach as it enhances metabolism and promotes weight loss. Crush garlic cloves, and leave for 10 minutes before eating for their wholesome benefits
  • You can add some crushed garlic clove in lemon juice, and that is the best drink for weight loss 
  • Crush some garlic cloves, add them to a spoon of honey, and lick it away;  the benefits are magical!! 

Also, simply consuming garlic cloves doesn’t help in losing weight;  it is recommended to take in the right proportions. When you are buying fresh garlic, avoid the ones with a soft end as it quickly gets rotten. Try to store it at room temperature in a glass container, or use a mesh wire; but avoid plastic containers as they can alter the properties present in garlic. Keep the tops intact so that they stay fresh for a longer time.

Other health benefits of garlic

Garlic also has various health benefits. These include- 

  • anti-oxidative properties - it has strong oxidative properties due to its phenolic compounds.8  The anti-oxidant property of aged garlic extract can help in reducing the damage of endothelial dysfunction which prevents hardening and narrowing of the arteries
  • lipid-lowering effect -garlic reduces the lipid in hyperlipidemic patients by reducing serum cholesterol concentration.9 The garlic supplements containing 400mg of garlic and 1mg of allicin taken twice a day can reduce cholesterol and LDL levels10
  • therapeutic effect on cancer - it has been shown to give symptomatic relief in patients suffering from prostate, laryngeal, oesophageal, ovarian, and renal cancer along with conventional treatment. The antioxidant property of garlic has helped people in chemotherapy, and  supplementation with it has reduced precancerous gastric lesions. Aged garlic extract of 4 caps per day for 6 months has reduced the natural killer cells in patients suffering from pancreatic and liver cancer11 
  • Cardiac protective propertiess - The nutritional and phytochemical components present in garlic can reduce atherosclerosis, hypertension, ischemic stroke and heart attack. The 250mg of aged garlic extract supplementation for about 12 months has been shown to reduce epicardial and pericardial adipose tissue12
  • Blood pressure lowering effect -it has an excellent effect on controlling the systolic pressure in uncontrolled high blood pressure. The garlic homogenate supplement has reduced both systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Garlic and diabetes - The major reason for diabetes is attributed to oxidative stress. Garlic which has an organosulphur component is known to reduce oxidative stress and thereby regulate hyperglycemia and promote the oxidative status in blood13 
  • anti-inflammatory properties- it has shown a significant effect on osteoarthritis by reducing pain and inflammation
  • GI protection- it has a protective effect on gastric issues and it also reduces the common cold 
  • Administration or application of garlic has been shown to reduce certain skin diseases like warts, denture stomatitis, and venous ulcer. During the second world war, it was used as an antiseptic over wounds

Thus garlic is an age-old remedy known for its various health benefits.

Nutritional facts

Garlic is a food that most people might not like taking raw. It can be crushed and used over dishes as it enhances the flavour and nutrition. Hippocrates used garlic to treat various illnesses, and many athletes have used it to increase their performance. It has got various plant components and also vitamins and minerals. Let's have a look into the nutritional facts that garlic has.

Energy 149 Kcal
Dietary Fibre2.1g
Phosphorus 153mg
Pantothenic acid(B5)0.596mg
Vitamin C31.2mg

Other constituents -water: 59g

Side effects and other concerns

garlic has no toxic components, but when it is consumed for a long time, it has certain side effects 

According to research, the long-term intake of 50g per day causes inhibition in the formation of sperm. It also has anti-androgenic effects,14  and high doses of garlic extract have non-desirable effects on the liver and lungs as well.15  As the saying goes, “too much of anything is not good”,  the same holds with garlic. Moderate intake is recommended to enjoy its full health benefits.

In certain people, garlic can cause allergic reactions, and symptoms can vary from mild to severe. These include swollen red skin, stuffed nose, and difficulty in breathing.16 

Few studies suggest that long-term intake of garlic can increase the risk of bleeding, so, it is advised to stop supplements 2 weeks before any planned surgery. 


garlic has innumerable health benefits if consumed in the right proportions, and it  contains compounds with potent medicinal properties  . Enjoy your meal by adding some garlic every day, andboost your cuisine in terms of flavor and health.


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