Crohn's Disease in Children

Crohn’s disease is a part of a group of diseases under the inflammatory bowel disease. Crohn's diseases are the swelling or inflammation and redness along with some source along the digestive tract. It is a chronic condition which can be seen at different times in a persons life coming and going without symptoms. Crohn's disease can affect the small intestine commonly but in some cases it can be seen that both the small and large intestines are affected. in few cases the inflammation can affect the whole digestive tract which includes the mouth oesophagus which is the food pipe the stomach and the small intestine along with appendix and anus.

In children Crohn's disease are common as well but it is not known yet what is the reason behind it some say it can may be because of some viruses or bacteria which affects the immune system of the body and in response they give  abnormal inflammation  reaction to the walls of the intestine.

Risk factors for Crohn's disease in children:

Crohn’s disease are said to be affecting people of all ages involving younger children as well and in both males and females. Children are said to be at higher risk for Crohn's disease if they have a family history a close relative who's suffering from Crohn's disease. children or teens who smoke put them at higher risk as well and who all are living in developed countries or cities in the northern climates. according to a website children who are American Jews of European descent are said to be at higher risk of cross disease as well along with whites.

So what are the symptoms of Crohn's disease in a child?

Some children may have no signs or symptoms of Crohn's disease for various years and thus one can never get to know that the patient is suffering from Crohn's disease. each child is different from another thus the symptoms may vary, commonly found symptoms in children are rashes joint pain fever weight loss loose stool sometimes accompanied with blood in stools or abdominal pain in the lower right area oftenly.

How can Crohn’s disease be diagnosed in a child?

If a child shows long term fever loose stools weight loss or abdominal pain and gets anaemic which leads to feeling tired all the time then it may suggest that few chances are of being diagnosed by Crohn's diseases. but a proper investigation is required before treatment can be started so the healthcare provider of your children will do some tests to check for cross diseases which can include blood tests endoscopy culture of the stool colonoscopy biopsy CT enterography or Mr enterography as well.

The blood tests can show the amount of red blood cells or look for any abnormality into the antibodies similarly in a stool culture any infection caused by a parasite or bacteria can be investigated. in a endoscopy the digestive tract can be monitored using a small tube which is an endoscope having light and camera lens at the end which can look for any sores in the tract. Colonoscopy test is done for the full length of large intestine which can look for any abnormal growth sores or ulcers and internal bleeding by a long lighted colonoscope.

Management of Crohn's disease in a child:

Crohn's disease is said to be non-curable as it is a long term disease but then there are various ways in which we can control it. Treatment can be Provided to the child by keeping in mind some goals which can be dealing with the nutritional issues, diminishing and controlling the swellings and inflammation. Working on the symptoms and easing it out for the children and preventing the complications from occurring.

The management of Crohn's disease can be through medicines which can help in reducing the inflammation into the colon. these medicines can help in reducing abdominal pain or diarrhea. if the case is serious then steroids or antibiotics can be provided for a long duration.

Monitoring the diet of the child which can work in easing the symptoms such as restricting the child from eating hot spiced up food or having milk and fiber. special meal plan can be provided by the healthcare provider in cases of Crohn's disease.

Nutritional supplements in liquid formulas can be suggested for children suffering from chron’s disease. Vitamins are said to be very important in cases of Crohn's disease in children because these children are not able to absorb nutrients normally. this can lead to vitamin deficiency in the body thus vitamin supplements should be provided to the children.

In very severe cases surgery are said to be helpful in reducing any long term symptoms which are not able to get better from the medicines or any other approaches. thus surgery can only help but not cure Crohn's disease. there are different kinds of surgery which can be done on the children such as ostomy in which a part of the intestine is removed and a new pathway is created to remove the stool from the body.

If there are Abscess with pus filled then draining these abscesses and treatment with medicines such as antibiotics can help. Another surgery which can be done is intestinal or bowel resection in which the deceased part of the intestine is removed and the healthy pieces are attached leading to shortening of the Childs intestine.

So what are the complications of Crohn's disease in a child?

The most common complication of Crohn's disease is loss of weight because the child may not want to eat for preventing the pain. complications such as a blocked intestine can be seen as well along with development of fistulas in the digestive tracts. there can be complications with liver functions and formation of gallstones as well. it can also lead to lack of nutrients into the body such as proteins and vitamins which can further cause other nutrient related disorders. anemia , osteoporosis and osteomalacia are another diseases which can be seen in a child suffering from Crohn's disease for long as a complication. arthritis can also be seen along with skin related issues or inflammation of the eye and mouth.

When to contact your doctor?

If your child shoes symptoms like having extreme abdominal pain rectal bleeding vomiting which continues source or fissures around the anus and weight loss with loose stools then immediately call your child healthcare provider for an investigation.

Crohn's disease is a very complex disease which remains hidden for a very long. Of time but can be diagnosed early if we pay attention to the symptoms which are shown by the child. thus it is very important to keep an eye on such small science so that the disease can be diagnosed early and the treatment can be started. The treatment gets more complex and needs surgery if it has spread to the entire digestive tract. as prevention is better than cure one should always consider that if their family has any history of Crohn's disease then they should be checked and investigated whenever they have any small sign or symptom related to Crohn's disease.

This content is purely informational and isn’t medical guidance. It shouldn’t replace professional medical counsel. Always consult your physician regarding treatment risks and benefits. See our editorial standards for more details.

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