Editorial Integrity

My Klarity Health is run by Klarity and is dedicated to publishing high-quality health articles on the website.

Our Approach to Ethical Content

We take content and ethics very seriously. That’s why we only allow our contributors to submit articles written by experts in their respective fields. We have strict guidelines for content related to health and wellness.

That’s why we have an ethical policy. Every article published on our website is reviewed by our editorial team. We look at the reasonableness of the content and whether it can be supported with reliable evidence.

We require articles to be written by individuals with a solid background in their subject areas and to contain no unsupported claims. We also want to build a community of informed and engaged health consumers who are committed to improving their health through the latest research.

All articles must meet 3 criteria before they can be published on our website:

  1. Only medical experts can write articles.
  2. The experts should only cite reliable sources.
  3. The articles should be written expertly and contain no unsupported claims.

What You Can Expect From Our Health Content

We allow our authors to write from different perspectives. There is no limit on word or page length. However, we want our content to be ethical and evidence-based.

1. Our Health and Wellness Content Policies

Our primary objective is to help people improve their health through the latest research. If an article contains unsupported claims, we will remove it. Editors are required to follow this policy when reviewing articles for publication.  Articles that don't meet these criteria will be removed from our platform.

2. Our Treatments, Drugs and Supplements Policies

We are committed to providing information about the latest treatments and drugs available. We do not publish articles that promote illegal drugs or supplements.

3. Reliable Sources

All content must cite published studies or other reliable sources to support any claims made in the article.

How We Create Content

All our writers are volunteers who are passionate about helping others to improve their health. We have a special editorial process to make sure all the content on our website is accurate, credible and up-to-date.

How We Publish Our Content

Our writers put in a lot of effort before sending us the articles they want published on our website. Our editors review each article for quality before it is published. Articles are reviewed and edited several times before they are published on our website.

Managing the Quality of Our Content

The quality of the information found online can be demotivating. That’s why we have an objective editorial process that ensures high-quality content and a balanced view on general health topics.

Our editors are committed to the continued development of our health website and provide a range of services to help improve content quality. They also have direct contact with various medical experts. As well as multiple redundancies in editorial and technical resources, we also have access to:

  1.  Experts from the medical industry who provide background material for articles that need researching.
  2. Medical professionals who have PhDs in their fields, review our articles for quality assurance.
  3.  Medical experts from various disciplines add analysis and commentary to articles.
  4.  Experts from the health industry use the website as a resource for information on health and wellness-related topics.

Diversity, Inclusion and Advocacy

We would like to be a safe and inclusive environment for people of all health-related backgrounds.

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and advocacy among our contributors, all community members must respect the following principles:

  1.  Exercising Free Choice - Health content must be based on factual evidence, and not on the opinions or personal beliefs of individual contributors.
  2. Affirming Life - Contributors are not allowed to attempt to persuade, convert or compel readers to make choices about their health.
  3.  No Privileges - Health content should not be privileged by its source.
  4.  No Harm - Health content should not promote or perpetuate any stereotypes or prejudices against people based on factors such as race, religion, gender, sexuality and social background.
  5.  No Fear - Health content should not promote the use of illegal drugs or unsafe practices.
  6.  No Conflict of Interest - Health content must not, in any way, suggest that an individual or entity has a conflict of interest with regard to the issues they are discussing on our website.
  7.  No Hate Speech - Contributors are prohibited from posting hate speech or making hate speech comments toward people who are members of these groups.
  8.  No Personal Attacks - People should not make personal attacks or engage in harassment toward other members of our community.
  9.  No Off-Topic Posts - People are not allowed to post off-topic comments on our website.
  10.  Respect Others - Respect and be tolerant of other people’s views and opinions even if they don’t align with yours.
  11. Not Allowed to Bully - Bullying or the intentional intimidation of others is strictly prohibited on our website.

How You Can Contribute to this Website

We encourage readers to leave their comments or opinions about an article. However, in order to promote healthy dialogue, we ask that people follow the following guidelines:

  1. All comments must be free from profanity and hate speech.
  2. All comments must be respectful of others’ views and opinions.
  3.  People are not allowed to make personal attacks or harass other members of our community.
  4.  People are not allowed to post off-topic comments on our website.
  5.  Comments are not allowed on articles relating to dietary supplements.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Editorial Integrity page.

my.klarity.health presents all health information in line with our terms and conditions. It is essential to understand that the medical information available on our platform is not intended to substitute the relationship between a patient and their physician or doctor, as well as any medical guidance they offer. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions based on the information found on our website.
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