Natural Detoxification With Apples

  • Batool HassanBS Microbiology (Clinical and Food Microbiology), Jinnah Univ for Women, Pakistan

You have probably heard, “ an apple a day keeps a doctor away” but have you heard an apple a day can detoxify you away? Yes, you have read it right. Apples can remove toxins from the bodies and bring overall health improvement. Today in this article you will find amazing facts, benefits and ideas of how apples can help detoxify our bodies, aid in different ways, boost weight loss, keep a great impact on overall health and how can one incorporate them daily in their routine.


We must first know what detoxification is and why is it so important for our bodies.

In simpler words, detoxification is the cleansing of the blood. This is done by releasing impurities from the blood that are stored in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The toxins are also released through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.1 

However, nature has preserved secrets for mankind. There are many foods, fruits and vegetables that consist of natural components to aid detoxification, such as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, lemons and limes, garlic, avocados, spinach, okras etc. Some fruits like apples, berries, pineapples, pomegranate, and papaya hold significance in natural detoxification. 

When one plans to choose apples for detoxification, they reward themselves with numerous benefits such as lowering high cholesterol, balancing body pH, strengthening the immune system, regulating blood sugar, improving digestion, weight loss, reducing appetite and removal of toxins.

Nutritional components of apples

What makes apples one of the best ways for detoxification? The answer is simple, its nutritional profile. One medium-sized, raw apple consists of 95 calories and provides the following nutrients2

  • Protein = 0.5g
  • Carbohydrates = 25g
  • Sugar= 19g
  • Fibre = 4.4g
  • Vitamin C = 9% of the dietary value (DV)
  • Water = 86%

Along with Vitamin C which is an antioxidant, apples also consist of another antioxidant known as polyphenol. A study/research shows that the components of apples have a great relationship with human health which is due to the presence of rich content phytochemicals. One of the polyphenols known as flavonoid is 60% found in apples which brings a great deal to overall human health.3 

3 effective ways on how apples help in detoxification

There are 3 ways given below on how the apple works to aid detoxification.

  1. High fibre content: Let me reveal where apples hide most of its fibre. The answer is, skin. If you eat apples without it, you can be at a big loss. The skin is fibre-rich and helps in effective digestion and promotes regular bowel movement
  2. Rich antioxidants: As discussed above on how apples consist of polyphenols such as flavonoids. These antioxidants play an important role with numerous benefits and reasons to have apples daily. Studies have found out that antioxidants help strengthen immunity, prevent diseases, and support liver health by neutralising free radicals that reduce cell proliferation and induce detox enzymes
  3. Pectin power: Pectin is the richest source of fibre found in apples. It plays an important part in detox by releasing heavy metals from cells, which prevents toxin contamination, reduces the burden on the liver and causes detoxification from the cells

The apple detox diet and plan

When we talk about detoxification by apples it immediately takes us to the thought of the very famous ‘Apple Detox Diet’.

What is an apple diet? How does it work? It is very simple, apples are nature's fat-loss metabolisers as they consist of 4-5g of fibre per serving which suppresses hunger pangs and sugar cravings. 

The detox diet can be done for 3 to 5 days. It can help to lose around 5 lbs or more according to different bodies. The main source that leads to detox through apples is the pectin in them. Pectin is a soluble fibre that aids detoxification in the stomach, it stops your body from absorbing sugar too quickly, it helps lower the levels of cholesterol and it helps in constipation as a natural laxative.4


Breakfast = 2 applesLunch = 1 appleDinner = 3 apples


Breakfast = 1 apple with a glass of soy milk or skim milkLunch = An apple with a green salad with some carrots and beetrootsDinner = 2 apples


Breakfast = 1 apple, 1 multigrain slice and scrambled eggsLunch = 1 apple with a bowl of saladDinner = 1 apple and a bowl of turkey, bacon, chicken salad or 1 apple and a bowl of lentil soup 


Breakfast = 1 apple and any green smoothie Lunch = 1 apple grilled veggies or 1 apple and vegetable clear soupDinner = 1 apple and vegetable wrap or 1 apple with any smoothie

Day 5

Breakfast = 1 apple with 1 boiled egg or 1 apple with any smoothieLunch = 1 apple with grilled veggies or 1 apple with vegetable clear soupDinner = 1 apple with baked salmon or chicken or 1 apple with chilli kidney beans and capsicum

Other ways to incorporate apples daily into a detox diet

There are many ways we can make apples a daily habit in our routine and diet. 

  • Fresh Apple Consumption: An apple a day keeps a doctor away is true as it says. Eat apples daily as a part of your mid-day snack or in any meal of the day
  • Apple salads: Adding apples to salads just does not make them flavorful but also adds anti-oxidants, vitamin C and a daily dose of fibre to your salad bowl
  • Smoothies: One great way of having apples is to add them to smoothies. They add so much taste and nutritional value. Apple almond smoothie is one of a kind. Add chopped apples,1 cup of almond milk, cinnamon powder, 1 tsp of honey, ice cubes and blend
  • Apple Detox Drink: The best way to lose weight and burn those fats with apples is to have an apple detox drink. All you need is 2 organic apples, 2 cinnamon sticks, a full pitcher of water and some ice cubes. You can additionally add dandelions or fresh mint and enjoy having a detox drink throughout the day5 


Apples offer numerous health benefits but with that, the most important thing is a balanced diet and a proper lifestyle. In order to acquire health goals you must focus on mindful eating. Mindful eating is the key to a sustainable lifestyle. Apples merely should be a part of daily routine as it benefit the human body in so many ways, aids in detoxification, helps with constipation, digestion, and prevent various diseases. 


  • Detoxification is the cleansing of blood from toxins stored in the cells
  • Apples consist of 95 calories per serving
  • Apples hold a great nutritional value which makes them so suitable for detoxification
  • Fibre such as pectin and polyphenols such as flavonoids are abundant in apples which aid in digestion, supports the liver system and health and induces detoxifying enzymes
  • Apple detox diet is one of the most effective diets which if followed properly can help burn fat and lose weight
  • Mindful eating and a balanced diet is the ultimate way to achieve your goals


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Batool Hassan

BS in Microbiology (Clinical and Food Microbiology Specialization), Jinnah University for Women, Pakistan

Batool is a graduate in Microbiology and has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She further pursued certifications of medical writing and has embarked on the journey to contribute as a writer in the healthcare care and medical sector.

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