Aid In Weight Loss With Dragon Fruit

  • Yihua Han BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences- University College London (UCL)


What is a Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, is a delectable tropical fruit with pinkish-red skin and speckled meat that can be deep ruby red or pure white. The fruit is oval or pear-shaped with sharp dragon scale-like points, hence its name. This exotic fruit from Central America is currently prospering in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Israel, and Australia. Though it is from a cactus, it is sweet and watery instead.1

How it helps you lose weight?

Taking care of your health and well-being is very crucial. With frighteningly increasing obesity rates and weight-related health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and joint discomfort, the globe is looking for solutions to overcome these health risks (2).2 A search for healthy, holistic, and long-term weight-loss meals, cures, and answers. Dragon fruit is said to look and taste excellent and has many health advantages. Its special blend of vitamins, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants aids weight loss. Dragon fruit supplies nutrients and makes you feel full without a lot of sugar or calories. This ensures that dieters don't miss essential nutrients when cutting calories.3

Moreover, dragon fruit is ideal for people who want to eat more naturally and healthily, which is growing increasingly popular. People who wish to lose weight or live healthier are advised to take dragon fruit into their diet.

Dragon fruit and weight loss

Macronutrients and micronutrients

When you look at dragon fruit's nutrition, you can see that it is a fruit that can help you lose weight. Since it's mostly water, it ensures that even though you eat a lot of food, you only take in a few calories. It makes you feel fuller, helps your stomach, and keeps your skin glowing, which is especially helpful when you're dieting.

The main source of energy in dragon fruit is carbohydrates. However, it's the fruit's high dietary fibre level that makes it stand out when it comes to weight loss.3 Food high in fibre benefits the body in ways beyond digestion. Since it makes you feel full for longer periods, you're less likely to overeat or snack on things you don't need. In addition, foods high in fibre can help keep blood sugar levels steady, which can help dieters avoid giving in to their sugar urges.

Even though Dragon fruit doesn't have a lot of protein like some other foods, it has a good amount in comparison to other fruits. This helps repair muscles, which is important if you're working out to lose weight. Dragon fruit is low in fats, but the ones it does have are mostly good unsaturated fats that can help your heart stay healthy while you lose weight.4

Essential vitamins and minerals

There are more ways that dragon fruit can help you lose weight than just its macronutrients. For example:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C and E are antioxidants that fight off free radicals in our body, which can otherwise damage cells and contribute to chronic diseases. They not only help the defence system but also speed up the metabolism.5 To lose weight, you need to make sure that your metabolism works well so that your body burns calories efficiently.

Vitamin E: This is another antioxidant found in dragon fruit, and can help reduce inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can make it hard to lose weight, which is why vitamin E is so important.4

B-Vitamins: Dragon fruit has a lot of B-vitamins, especially B3 (niacin), which can help keep blood sugar levels stable and speed up your metabolism, which are both important for managing your weight.

Magnesium: Magnesium helps the body's enzymes do many things, including processes that speed up the metabolism. Having the right amount of magnesium also helps you sleep well, which is very important for losing weight.6

Iron: Iron helps oxygen get to all parts of the body, so your muscles and metabolic processes get the oxygen they need to burn the most calories.

Calcium: Calcium is important for bones, but it also helps store and break down fat. If you get enough calcium, your body will store less fat and break down fat more efficiently.6

How to incorporate dragon fruit into your diet

Fresh consumption

When dragon fruit is eaten fresh, its pure, natural flavour really comes through. Not only does it give you nutrients right away, but it's also a low-calorie snack that can help you stop feeling hungry.

To enjoy dragon fruit in its finest form, do the following:

  • Wash the fruit very well.
  • A knife can be used to cut the fruit in half.
  • Carefully scoop out the meat with a spoon, making sure to avoid the coloured but not edible skin.
  • After that, you can either cut the scooped meat into bite-sized pieces or eat it as is.

Smoothies and shakes

Adding dragon fruit to smoothies and shakes is a great way to get its weight loss benefits along with other healthy ingredients.

How to do it:

  • You can eat half or whole dragon fruit, based on your size and taste.
  • It will be smoother if you blend it with other low-calorie foods, like berries or a banana.
  • If you want to lose even more weight, you could add Greek yoghurt or protein powder. They increase the protein level, which is important for building muscle and feeling full, and they also give the food a creamy texture.
  • If you like shakes, mix dragon fruit with almond milk or skim milk, which are lower in fat.
  • You could add a few chia or flaxseeds to increase the fibre intake and help you lose more weight.

Desserts and salads

Adding dragon fruit to your salads and sweets is a great way to get both taste and nutrition without feeling bad about the extra calories.

How to Make Salads:

  • Dragon fruit should be cut into small cubes.
  • Kiwi, pineapple, and watermelon are some fruits that you can mix with. These fruits are also known for being low in calories and good for keeping you hydrated.
  • Add some lemon or lime juice and, if you want, a pinch of black salt or mint for fun. Citrus fruits can also speed up your metabolism, which can help you lose weight.

How to make desserts:

  • For sorbets, dragon fruit should be the main ingredient. It doesn't need extra sugar because it's naturally sweet.
  • To make dragon fruit popsicles, mix them with some water or low-fat yoghurt and freeze the mix.
  • You can also make low-calorie cakes with dragon fruit. To make sure the dessert stays in line with your weight loss goals, choose a crust made of whole grains or nuts.
  • You can gain weight loss benefits from dragon fruit without giving up taste or variety by adding it to different parts of your diet.

Precautions and side effects

Keeping consumption in check

Although dragon fruit is full of nutrients that can help you lose weight, it should only be eaten as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Like any other food, eating too much of it can cancel out its health effects, which could lead to eating too many calories. The key is moderation.

Possible allergies

Many people are allergic to dragon fruit, but some are not. If this is your first time eating the food, you should pay close attention to how it makes your body feel. Itching, hives, swelling, or trouble breathing are all signs of an allergic response.7 Seek medical help right away if any of these signs happen after consumption.

Having trouble with your digestion

There is a lot of fibre in dragon fruit. Fibre can help you lose weight and handle food better, however it can be uncomfortable if you eat too much of it or aren't used to eating a lot of fibre. If you eat too much dragon fruit, it could cause:

  • Gas and Bloating
  • Bad or loose stools or diarrhoea
  • Having stomach cramps
  • If you're not used to eating fibre-rich foods, you should add dragon fruit to your diet slowly. A smart move would be to start with smaller amounts and see how your body responds.

What colour urine and faeces are

The red meat of dragon fruit might turn your urine and faeces pinkish red after eating it. This is not harmful, but it is interesting to know. This is normal and not a problem because it's caused by the fruit's natural colours. knowing this can keep you from freaking out for no reason.

Interactions with different medicines

Even though dragon fruit is usually safe to eat, it's important to think about how it might combine with medicines. Dragon fruit can affect blood sugar levels, so it's not a good idea if you have diabetes or are taking anticoagulants, as the fruit includes vitamin K. If you're on any drugs and want to include dragon fruit in your weight loss plan, you should always talk to a medicine professional first.

In conclusion, for people who are trying to lose weight, dragon fruit is especially helpful because of its bright colour and high nutritional value. It has many health perks that can help dieting work better. Nevertheless, as with any other food source, it's important to be aware. Paying attention to how dragon fruit affects your body and knowing about possible side effects. It shows potential, but it's important to stress that the only way to lose weight for good is to balance your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Dragon fruit can be a tasty and healthy part of that balance, but it shouldn't be used instead of other healthy habits. In the end, dragon fruit can be both tasty and good for you if you eat it smartly and as part of a larger plan to lose weight.


How often should I consume dragon fruit for weight loss?

While there's no fixed amount, incorporating it into your daily or weekly diet can be beneficial. However, moderation is key.

Can I eat the skin of the dragon fruit?

No, the skin is not edible. Always consume only the flesh of the fruit.

Are there different varieties of dragon fruit?

Yes, there are mainly three types - red skin with red flesh, red skin with white flesh, and yellow skin with white flesh. All varieties offer similar health benefits.

Is dragon fruit expensive?

The cost can vary based on region and availability. It might be pricier than common fruits due to its exotic nature, but many believe its health benefits justify the cost.

Can diabetics consume dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit has a relatively low glycaemic index, which means it won’t cause a rapid spike in blood sugar. However, it's always advisable for diabetics to consult with their healthcare provider before making significant dietary changes.


Dragon fruit comes from Central America and can now be found in many countries around the world. This tropical beauty is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also full of healthy nutrients that can help you lose weight. Even though it's mostly water, the fact that it has a lot of dietary fibre makes it stand out. Dietary fibre helps with digestion and controls hunger and blood sugar levels. Besides fibre, dragon fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy macronutrients that are good for your body and health. Some of the best things about it are the vitamins C and E, the B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Dragon fruit can be eaten raw or added to smoothies, shakes, sweets, and salads to get its health benefits. However, balance is important because too much could cause digestive problems. Some people may also have issues or problems with how certain medicines work. Dragon fruit may help people who are trying to lose weight, but it's important to include it in a healthy, well-balanced diet to get the most out of it.


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Yihua Han

BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Yihua Han is a year 3 undergraduate student with a keen interest in the intersection of nutrition, metabolism, and pharmacology. His commitment to fostering well-being extends into his role as a Nutrition and Health Engineer in a Chinese company, where he crafted evidence-based dietary plans for diverse populations.

As a community-oriented individual, he has contributed to various initiatives, including volunteering for the British Heart Foundation, and mentoring first-year university students.

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