Benefits Of Watermelon For Weight Loss

Understanding watermelon

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is nature’s loveliest gift for mankind in the summers. Juicy, red and sweet, this fruit belongs to the family of Cucurbitacae, growing in vines.

Native to tropical Africa and  grown all over the world, watermelon can be shortly called a saviour of summers. 

We all know how delicious it is and in how many forms it can be consumed to keep our body and taste buds in tune during the sultry season.

But, isn’t it astonishing to know that watermelon can be our best friend in the demanding journey of weight loss?

Let’s find out!

Benefits of watermelon for weight loss

Watermelon has multiple benefits for people who are aiming to lose weight.

Rich in fibre, low in calorie count and coupled with high water content, this fruit keeps our stomach full for a large amount of time. A person avoids snacking because he feels less hungry , thus taking a major step ahead in the weight loss goal. 

Watermelon diet increases the intake of L-citrulline (precursor of L-arginine) which is an amino acid that promotes healthy weight loss as well as cardiovascular health.

A single kilogram of fresh watermelon is believed to contain around 3.5mg of L-citrulline. Watermelon being a fruit and source of this amino acid is vegan friendly too. 

Watermelon taken in the form of juice, smoothie or even just as slices as a pre workout meal, can actually be a life changing decision.

Watermelon being rich in fructose, potassium and water are not only supportive of weight loss because it keeps the snacking habit away. Watermelon seeds are numerous and cannot be avoided most of the time. They get chewed and ingested along with the flesh and rind, thus forming an excellent form of laxative.

Bowel clearance is a big thing to to be noticed whenever a new component is added to the diet.

Bowel clearance also indicates water weight loss.

Other health benefits of watermelon

Weight loss being the topic of highlight doesn’t mean we should forget the other benefits of our fruity friend, does it? 

Watermelon has proved to be beneficial for patients with heart diseases like high blood pressure (hypertension), improves skin health and prevents cancers due to the presence of Lycopene. Inflammatory diseases and conditions are relieved by eating watermelon as it is packed with antioxidants, helping to reduce oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress causes oxidative damage thus  damaging the cell membrane structure, the root cause of most skin problems as well as damaging neurological and mental health.

Thus, it is evident enough that watermelon can contribute to a good brain and mental health as depression and Alzheimer's can be prevented. 

Multiple other diseases can be prevented by a balanced diet which includes watermelon as  a component.

Citrulline, coming back to the picture along with a large amount of Vitamin C ,water and electrolytes in watermelon is an effective aphrodisiac. 

Loss of libido and erectile dysfunction can all be cured with a watermelon diet.

Nutritional facts

A fresh serving of 100 grams of watermelon has roughly 30 units of calories, a whopping content of 94% water, around 7-8 grams of carbohydrates (with fructose around 6 grams) and negligible fats and proteins.

The best part is watermelon has a large quantity of fibre which is effective for excretion and maintenance of water balance in the body.

Diving deeper into the nutritional components, watermelon is packed with Vitamin A (carotene), Vitamin C(ascorbic acid), Copper and vitamin B complexes.

Watermelon can be the best addition to what we call a balanced diet.

Side effects and other concerns

Watermelon is a friend of the human body but too much of anything has some side effects.

Over consumption of watermelon might cause diarrhoea, flatulence,and a crampy stomach.

The presence of sugars in watermelon may cause a rise in the glycemic index of blood if consumed in high amounts.

Patients with diabetes, renal, liver and adrenal gland diseases should always be careful about their intake amount as they might find it hard to maintain the appropriate amount of potassium in their body.

Other than these, due to prolonged periods of a sense of satiety, other nutritional deficiencies may occur.

This is due to the fact that the high fibre and water content gives a sense of fullness and thus reduces the amount of intake of other foods, causing loss of nutrition.


Watermelon can be one of the most effective and budget friendly additions to people who are struggling to lose weight.

It is rich in water, fibres, micronutrients and multiple vitamins, and also keeps the habit of snacking away. Watermelon has been, since its cultivation and consumption historically, beneficial for mankind in several ways.

Tropical summers are difficult to survive but this fruit does wonders in the season. Nowadays almost every country cultivates watermelon, thus making it a popular choice of food.

So,be it watermelon popsicles, pickle, juice, smoothie or just fresh fruit, watermelon can do wonders to make a life healthy and sustainable.


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