Can I Reset My Gut In 3 Days

Can I reset my gut in 3 days

So first of all, what exactly do we mean when we refer to the gut? The gut refers to the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive system. This includes all the organs which food passes through as it is processed by the body. Inside the gut, contains millions of bacteria known as the microbiome. The importance of these gut bacteria cannot be underestimated – in fact, many scientists have argued the microbiome should be considered an organ because of how important it is for the body (it is linked with mental health, obesity and metabolism). Therefore, maintaining healthy gut bacteria should be of the utmost importance. Resetting the gut can thus be thought of as ‘cleansing the gut’ of bad bacteria and introducing more healthy ‘good’ bacteria into the digestive system to re-establish themselves. 

Not only are you resetting your gut and maintaining a healthy digestive system, but you will also be increasing your chances of improving mental health and reducing the risks of obesity.

Ways to reset my gut in 3 days

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ‘reset the gut’ is by altering your diet. Diet is key in helping to create rapid changes in the number and type of bacteria in your gut. It has an immediate impact on the composition of the microbiome, so changing your diet can lead to an increase or decrease in both good and bad bacteria depending on what you eat. The idea is to establish ‘eubiosis’ in the digestive system, which means having a good balance of different bacteria within the body. One of the best strategies for achieving this is administering probiotic bacteria, as this helps to displace bacteria that are bad for you and replace them with good bacteria – ultimately helping to balance the microbial community in your system. This will promote a beneficial digestive system. One way to do this is by consuming probiotic food which will not only benefit your gut but will also have immunological benefits such as promoting the increased activation of macrophages, a type of white blood cell that defends your body from foreign substances.Therefore, you are also able to boost your immune system.

So what are examples of probiotic food you can eat?

  • Yogurt – it’s tasty, as well as being packed full of good bacteria which will nourish your gut
  • Fermented foods – Fermented food such as kimchi and kefir also contain ‘good’ live bacteria to help nourish your gut microbiome

As well as probiotic foods, your everyday diet should also be carefully controlled to ensure you are not eating food which is bad for the gut bacteria. Food that is particularly bad for your gut includes anything containing artificial sweeteners as well as processed food with natural flavours added. One key diet which has consistently demonstrated good health benefits is the Mediterranean diet. Following this will increase your chances of improving your gut bacteria. The Mediterranean diet consists of foods commonly eaten in countries bordering the Mediterranean sea such as Greece, Italy and Spain. In order to stick to this diet, the following foods are eaten: a high intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and a moderate intake of fish and poultry. Foods that should be avoided are red meat, processed food, and anything with added sugar. So essentially, by eating as many natural products as possible, the better your diet will be.

Who should not try to reset their gut

Those with particular health problems such that altering their diet could lead to other problems should not attempt to alter their gut bacteria. Resetting the gut would not be suited to people who are sensitive to rapid changes in their diet. People in particular who should not try to reset their gut are:

  • People with gut disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Sudden changes in their diet can worsen the disease and lead to an increase in symptoms
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women can have different nutritional needs and should consult with their healthcare provider before making any significant changes to their diet
  • If you are taking medicine, you should avoid resetting your gut as the medicine may react with new food that you are trying
  • Those with a compromised immune system, such as people with HIV/AIDS, as their gut health may be more fragile. These individuals should always consult with their healthcare provider before making any changes to their diet


 Changing your diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reset your gut and boost your digestive system. Making simple changes to your diet can lead to rapid changes in your gut microbiome. Not only will it reset your gut, but it will also help boost other health benefits such as increasing the activation of many more white blood cells.

This content is purely informational and isn’t medical guidance. It shouldn’t replace professional medical counsel. Always consult your physician regarding treatment risks and benefits. See our editorial standards for more details.

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