Magnesium For Men

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a metallic element with the chemical symbol Mg. It is the eighth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. The discovery and recognition of magnesium  as an element was done by Joseph Black in the year 1755. Magnesium is a very important component in the chlorophyll of plants, which helps them to photosynthesise. This metal is also used in welding and firecracker factories as it gives a bright white light and ignites easily.Magnesium has multiple benefits on health leaving aside all other uses. Let us explore more of it.

Health benefits of magnesium supplement for men

In the modern day, due to lifestyle and stress, men face major issues of fatigue, sexual performance, and even maintenance of heart health. Magnesium decreases the effect of oxidative stress in the body. This effect of mitigating the oxidative stress thus helps to reduce the binding of sex hormones and hence optimal levels of testosterone are  maintained in the body.Under oxidative stress and fatigue, our body binds testosterone to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). 

Another matter of concern is inflammatory conditions in the body, chronic and low grade,  , again due to lifestyle changes, causing a lack of augmentation factors of different hormones, which causes stress and fatigue.  Magnesium supplementation causes improvement of endurance and strength. 

Magnesium is referred to as an unsung electrolyte as it is very much needed for skeletal muscle contraction and neural transmission, especially for males who are into active physical activities or work- magnesium acts as the key to treating  such forms of weakness.It is due to this property of magnesium that often cases like fibromyalgia, stiffness, fatigue, and muscle spasms can be easily treated with the help of magnesium  supplementation or through magnesium-rich  diet. Magnesium, due to its role play in muscle contraction and neurotransmission, helps to cure arterial stiffness. Cardiovascular health is a major and life-threatening  issue in the modern day, especially for men as most of them have a rough, stressful, and irregular lifestyle. Sclerosis of coronary arteries and thus stiffness is a major issue these days.

Studies suggest that there are interactions between Vitamin D and magnesium supplementation on bone health as well as shown improvement in psychological issues, men due to their stressful life face both of these issues very widely, thus a coupled supplementation of Vitamin D and Magnesium can curb the issue jointly.

More broadly,  sexual behaviour, l and overall homeostasis can be well balanced and maintained by magnesium and other micro nutrients.

Both forms of magnesium  glycinate i.e. amino acid derivative form of magnesium  or magnesium citrate can be taken as supplements as per the advice of the physician.

Side effects and risks of magnesium supplementation

In high doses like excessive intake of milk of magnesia or even in supplement form, can cause magnesium-related  toxicity because in  the end, it is a metallic element that  in excess gives rise to various alkaline by-products. .

An excessive amount of magnesium  will cause colorectal incontinence and muscular dysfunction, heart attacks and severe vomiting.

It should be thus, always kept in mind that every nutrient should be in moderation to the body weight, and need and under the guidance of a physician.

When should men take magnesium?

Magnesium is obtained from food sources like legumes, whole grains, etc.

A recommended dietary intake of 400-430 mg per day is good for men, provided the person does not have any contradictory medical condition.It is to be kept in mind that if a person is already on laxatives  or antacids which have magnesium in them, they need special recommendations and advice from the doctor about magnesium supplementation as there are chances of overdose and side effects in such cases.

How much magnesium should you take?

A balanced diet generally gives an adequate amount of magnesium to the body, although for pregnant women 300-350 mg is recommended to be taken whereas in general, a balanced diet does the job for most cases.


Magnesium is a metallic element with a nutrient value that can support a healthy and homeostatic lifestyle. For men, magnesium  is essential for sexual performance as well as cardiac, and skeleton-muscular health, in moderation and recommended doses of magnesium does a very effective job for the healthy functioning of the body.

Moreover, this micronutrient  is very less talked about hence awareness and inclusion in the diet are  mostly ignored by people.Changing lifestyles, work pressure, and stress-related  issues can be well combated with magnesium  supplementation - especially for men. 


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Dr.Abhinava Mukherjee(BDS,Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research).
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